ROCMAN Enterprises Inc. specializes in residential interior remodeling and renovations. Regardless of the project size, we can design and deliver a wonderful plan around your vision of what your home should be.

What’s wrong with the “Renovation” industry in BC?

Let’s face it, “Renovation” outfits in the Greater Vancouver region are dime-a-dozen. Unfortunately due to nearly three decades of deregulation and lax government oversight in British Columbia, anyone can print a business card and slap a sticker on their vehicle and call him/herself a “Renovation” company. But;

– Majority have NO Experience, NO license to do business, NO liability insurance, NO reputation and NO construction know-how (Watch an episode of Holmes on Homes for proof!)

– Some have never worked in the construction industry before opening up the “Renovation” outfit. Yet they’ll all show up at your home and claim a minimum of 20 years of experience in the industry.

– More often than not, the people who show up at your home for the initial consultation will never be seen on the job site again once you hire them. They simply outsource the job to someone else who has no regard for your home and no allegiance to the original guy you hired.

– 90% of the time, the original dollar amount you hear from your “Renovation” contractor is nowhere in sight by the time the job has ended. Budget over-runs of 30 to 50 percent are quite common in the industry. To say there will never be a budget over-run in construction is irrational.  But have you ever wondered why you never hear about budget “under-runs”? The construction industry is out of control with budget over-runs.

What makes ROCMAN® different;

– The people who consult you initially, are also the people you will see on the job site running the crew. We do not outsource or sub-contract your job to some stranger.

– Unlike the majority of “Renovation” companies in Metro Vancouver, we do not strive to be pretentious. We believe in practical, comfortable and budget-oriented renovations that you can truly use on a daily basis. Gold-plated countertops and indoor waterfalls are not part of our offerings!

– We know our business: We know and perform our trade properly day in and day out. We DO NOT rely on homeowner’s lack of knowledge for business continuity.

– We stick to the budget: If there are any unexpected items during the course of your renovation that will result in extra costs to you, we keep them to an absolute minimum and we let you know well in advance.

– ROCMAN® Enterprises Inc. is fully licensed, insured and registered. Our work reflects the highest standards in the industry.


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